8 seconds….

That’s the amount of time you have to make an impression on a potential buyer.
This is what my clients focused on to ensure they hit the mark from the get-go.

They got to work on curb appeal

With winter winding down, it was time to spruce up the exterior.
They did this by planting pops of spring flowers, refreshing mulch, and hiring a few helping hands to ensure their yard was free of debris, dead leaves, and drooping tree limbs.

They decluttered

Clutter can turn off buyers in seconds — I’ve seen it firsthand.

My clients took a critical look at their space and cleared countertops, tidied closets, and removed personal momentos to help buyers envision themselves living there.
I encourage my clients to put themselves in the shoes of a stranger walking through the house — what would they nix to create a more inviting atmosphere?

They agreed to staging

The final touch! My clients agreed to staging (with no out of pocket cost to them). The stagers brought in a few key pieces that tied the space together perfectly.

One reason I typically recommend it? It’s been reported that professionally staged homes spend 73% less time on the market compared to homes that haven’t been staged. (Real Estate Staging Association)

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